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Fast and robust database

Octopus ® is good choice if you expect to have large volume of data (products, customers and transactions etc).

Acucorp's Vision 5 is a very robust and fast file system, but this is not your only choice of file system. If you want to store your data in a 4GL relative database you can choose between the most common database software as Oracle, Informix, Microsoft SQL server, DB2 and ODBC.

Anyway you will obtain the best performance by using Acucorp's native Vision 5 file system and even this is not a real 4GL relative database, you can still access all your data by using an ODBC interface from all ODBC compliant software packages.

in addition to the options above you always have the choice to extract all your data tables from Octopus to Microsoft Access by a predefined automatic import macro. This can be done automatically every night so you always will see updated ERP data in your MS Office application. This can be done also to other databases as for example Microsoft SQL Server.

Multiuser compliant

  How is your ERP-system "Multiuser Compliant"

During the last 20 years, we have worked with many different ERP systems and only a very few systems can handle the necessary but very complex record lock situations in a proper way.

Octopus ® is full Multiuser Compliant. This means that a user for example can change a field in a record in the same time, that another user is changing another field in the same record and of course the two users can add or subtract values to/from the same field at the same time.

Records are in no circumstances locked in more than the necessary few milliseconds, so the users will never experience a waiting pause due to other users interaction with the same data record.

Before choosing a new ERP system, you should make the small test described above. Try to change one of the customers address lines at one screen and change the name of the same customer at the same time from another screen (same account number).

Choose the right Team for your ERP implementation


If you experience a waiting time of more than 2-3 seconds or get a message telling you, that another user is using the data you want to see/change, you should choose another ERP system - especially if you are expecting more than 4-5 of concurrent users or the users are accessing the program from different physical locations.

Otherwise you may expect huge problems in your future daily work.

Superior performance

One of the most important factors for the superior performance in Octopus ® is the new technology of Acucorp's Thin Client's. In many years we stuck to our good old character based user interface, because every time we tried to migrate to graphical environment, we experienced a very poor performance compared with the classical multi-user operations, where the programs are executed on the same pc (server), where the data files are stored.

When talking about performance and ERP systems it's essential, that the data files are NOT being transported across the network between the application programs and the file server. The programs have to reside (and execute) on the same server as the data files, if you will obtain a satisfying level of performance especially with large data files and/or remote users connected by the Internet.

When the programs reside and execute on the same computer as the data files are stored, it is only keystrokes, mouse movements/clicks and screen information that are transmitted over the network. This is much more efficient because the amount of data is very much less than if the programs on the client's pc's should read the data files from a file server over the network.

Even in-house with only local area network at 100 mbits, we experienced a difference in performance at a factor 40 between the good old multi-user environment and a client/server configuration where the same program was executed on the client's pc and the data files was placed on an other pc working only as a file and print server.

But with the fast and efficient multi-user technique, we were not able to include modern graphical controls, because such controls are not supported in the classical terminal emulators used at the client site.

In 2002 we got the best from the two worlds when Acucorp released support for graphical Thin Client’s in a standard multi-user environment. Now we were able to include graphical Windows controls and in the same time obtain the superior performance our customers were used to meet.

The client part of the software is free and works much like Sun's Java as an interface between the program on the server and the clients keyboard, mouse and screen, but in a much faster an more efficient way using the Windows API routines at the client site.

What's more the Thin Client technique works directly without extra overhead and complex setup as for example with use of a Citrix server or other expensive layers on top of the key application.

This was a long story about three very important issues when talking ERP systems. Thank you very much if you are still with us and reading this, we hope that you found the contents relevant and that we have brought you some kind of better understanding of these important subjects and that you will enjoy the other pages on this site.




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