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When you choose an Octopus solution you do not have to decide, what future platform you need for your main applications the next many years.

The same Octopus data files and object programs can easily be moved from one platform to an other and for the and-users all the functions will work in exactly the same way.

The only difference is the platform specific Acucorp runtime and server software for Thin Clint's, which can be obtained to more than 600 different HW/SW platforms.

Here is a short list with the most popular examples for possible server platforms:

  • Windows XP/2000/2003/NT

  • Red Hat Linux

  • Fedora Project Linux

  • Novel Suse Linux

  • SCO Open Server Unix

  • SCO UnixWare


  • SUN Solaris

  • IBM Aix on Risc 6000 / pSeries


Freedom of Choice in the Future


Windows servers can be simple stand-alone peer to peer pc's as well as dedicated server configurations.

For large number of concurrent Octopus users (+10) we  always recommend Linux (Red Hat) for IBM xSeries or IBM Aix on Risc 6000 / pSeries.

Workstations can be of any type of 32-bit compatible Windows pc's including Windows XP/2000/NT/ME/98.

You also have the extra choice of not spending any money or time on a server for your Octopus application and in stead use our ASP Customer Centre from any physical location and run the application over the Internet.

The Thin Client technology is based upon normal IP-protocols and will run on all standard pc's where you have an access to the Internet. We can provide with different levels of security at your choice including firewall VPN and validation upon an exclusive list of permitted Mac addressees as en extra security in addition to traditional user names and password for getting access to your private applications.

At our ASP Customer Centre we have selected an IBM xSeries 346 with duplicated CPU, Power supply, Network etc. and the storage is secured by mirroring (raid 5) and daily automatic backup on a physical different location. Our Internet upload capacity is 100 mbits, so you can get full value of your high speed Internet connections.

Even the server is placed on a physical different location than your local pc, you can still get full utilization of the integration between your ERP data files and your local MS Office based application. Data can easily be extracted and transferred by using the build-in user friendly dialogs without any knowledge of FTP software or other complicated communication software.

For example you can by pushing a single button transfer the contents of an extracted amount of history data or transactions directly to your pc and an Excel spreadsheet job is automatically started with the actual contents.

Choose an Octopus solution and get freedom of choice for server platform for your ERP application in the future.


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Freedom of Choice