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Buying a new ERP system is a long-term decision and if you choose an Octopus solution, we are sure, that you have made a good investment and found a system. that will meet your needs for an effective accounting and optimal logistic functions in many years.


We have a significant number of customers, who bought their first ERP system from us for more than 20 years ago.

Thanks to an attractive service contract, they are all  today still having a modern and up to date ERP system, without on any time been obliged to buy a new system during all these years.

Most of these customers have of course changed their SW/HW platform several times in that period, but each time is a new Acucorp runtime available to the new environment and all the customers data and object code have been moved to the new system without any changes and without the users could feel any significant changes except from the increased speed.

The service contract, witch of course also includes a free full working-time hotline is a guarantee for continuously program updates, so the customers always are using the latest version of the standard Octopus package.


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Normally we see, that suppliers of ERP systems let the products live typically 6-8 years and then release complete new products, where the old customers are being offered a buy-in possibility for their old system. There is normally a good change, that the primary files as customer, vendor and product information can be automatically converted from the old system, but it's nearly always very doubtful, whether all transactions and history data can be transferred and the customer have a big risk of loosing valuable data.

Change to a new ERP system is always a very serious matter involving much more than just paying for a new program license. The most important economic parameters are the time you have to spend internal at the users proper education and maybe also the time you have to use on retyping important data into the new system.

With Octopus you can avoid future ERP revolutions but ensure a more smooth and steady evolution into a eternal up to date ERP solution, so you can focus on other important and profitable activities in your organization.

Of course there is barely no code  left today in Octopus from the time back to the initial beginning for more than 20 years ago, but it is still the same product in a trading point of view and we respect all existing old licenses. Even customers without valid service contracts have the option to upgrade to the newest version for a minor upgrade fee depending on number of steps between the customers old major version an the actual newest version.

We do not claim, that we are the only supplier of ERP systems, that follow these lines of direction. There might be others, who in a sales presentation declare this guidelines as their policy too, and they have in no doubt also intentions to do so.

However, we did never see any reliable proofs on such examples with a long product lifetime as we have realized and proved with Octopus .



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