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Octopus is used with great success in many different lines of business and we have acquired a good knowledge of the trade in several areas. In many cases we will take an active part in your logistic accommodation not only as a supplier of the ERP system but also as your preferred sparring partner in many more instances.

In general Octopus is the right choice if you need one or more of the following features:

  • A full set of homogeneous integrated program modules for your overall ERP solution

  • Total freedom of choice for your future server hardware/software platform

  • High speed performance through Internet connections for a large number of users

  • Full foreign currency control with an unlimited number of different currencies

  • All outgoing documents can be printed in an unlimited number of languages

  • Flexible and simple interface to MS-Office for all your ERP data

  • A very fast B2B E-commerce solution brought directly and safely to your ERP data

In addition to the general purpose suitability, Octopus is utilize for a number of specialized lines of business:

Car Spare parts


In particular this line of business is known for a huge number of articles, transactions and by the time also the amount of historical data.

The Octopus database is very robust and can handle a very huge amount of data with no errors for many years and provide you an extremely fast access to the individual information.

Electronic transfer of orders between Octopus and the German TecDoc as well TecCom, have become a de facto standard in Car Spare parts.

For further details see our pages for Car Spare parts.


Point of Sale (POS)

This is a line of business with many different needs for special IT functions in addition to the traditional core accounting functions in an ERP system.

Besides the basic needs for accounting and stock control etc. these companies often request more specific key functions as for example handling of articles in more variations for colours and sizes. All the possible variations must be defined in a simple "matrix" way and the system must the then keep track of orders, quantity on hands etc. and the user should have the possibility to maintain all information including new orders and stock transactions by using the same matrix in which the articles were original created.



The Point of Sale functions themselves are of course a very important area too.

Many software companies can provide you with some fine solutions for normal "Order Entry" functions, but making a pc-based "Cash register" program, which actually acts as a shop assistant would expect is not as easy as it sounds.

We have been in the POS market since 1980 and we know very well how to make complete but easy to use retail solutions with "cash register" functions with an absolute minimum of keystrokes and provide an automatic connection to the rest of the ERP system.

The connection between the ERP functions for stock control an accounting and maybe several shops is done automatically through the Internet and without any necessary manually intervention, but as a distributed IT solution, where the shop functions are independent of the central system and Internet connection.

Several forms of Barcodes can be integrated to ensure a fast and safety registration of all sales transactions and stocktaking.

An investment for Barcode implementation is notoriously on of the best IT investments giving the fastest pay-back.

For further details about our solutions for retail system please see Point of Sale (POS).


Dealer Trading

Our online E-commerce module makes Octopus a great choice for your ERP system, if you are distributing your products through a net of associated dealers.

For further details see our pages for Dealer Trading and/or Online B2B E-Commerce in the top-level menu.

Large Accounts

Octopus is a good choice if you expect a large number and specially if many of these are going to use the system through Internet connections.

See more at the Large Accounts link at the left side menu.


If you are a manufacturer and are looking for a Material and Resource Planning system (MRP) complete integrated to standard ERP functions, you have found the right place.

Please read about our standard modules for Production functions.


If you need to keep track of larger projects for requirements and consumption of time, materials and other expenses, you might find our Project accounting integrated with the standard ERP functions to be the right solution.

Industry Solutions
Car Spare parts
Point of Sale (POS)
Dealer Trading
Large Accounts

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